2018 Trump-Russia Connection

US President Donald Trump appears poised to release a classified memo that casts doubt on the Justice Department’s investigation into the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling without first reviewing it.As Trump exited the House chamber after delivering his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night, South Carolina Republican Jeff Duncan shouted: “Mr President, let’s release the memo.”The President, who has the authority to declassify any piece of information shot back: “Don’t worry, 100 per cent. Can you imagine?”The exchange was caught on a hot microphone.Trump’s enthusiasm about making the document public came as the White House given no indication the President had actually read the memo, prepared by the House Intelligence Committee Republican members over the howls of its Democratic side.The GOP-crafted document reportedly accuses the FBI of overstepping its authorities under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by using the controversial dossier on Trump and Russia when it sought and obtained a surveillance warrant on a former campaign aide.The Intelligence panel voted along party lines Monday evening to release it; Trump had five days to decide whether to authorise its release.


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