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Oct 25, 2017
Puerto Ricans coming to Lancaster need help

Thank you to LNP for a timely editorial: “We cannot abandon Puerto Rico, now or in the future,” (Oct. 13, LancasterOnline). I agree. I also appreciate Congressman Lloyd Smucker’s words: “It’s going to take long-term funding from Congress, and long-term aid. … We’re going to have to stay committed to doing that.”

You urged Smucker to lead this effort in Congress, and I concur.

You reported that he has encouraged his constituents to support organizations aiding those devastated by hurricanes. I know many organizations and individuals in Lancaster have already been doing this. There is no doubt that we will continue rallying to support our fellow Americans.

While doing the urgent work of sending aid to Puerto Rico, we need to know that many Puerto Rican Americans have been arriving in Lancaster ever since Maria — a hurricane beefed up by climate change — devastated their homes and communities. Understandably, they are fleeing a place with little clean water, power, security, medical services, etc. Most arrive with the clothes on their back and little else. Winter is coming. They need warm clothing. They need affordable housing. The children need to be educated. At least 25 have already enrolled in our local schools.

These are not refugees. They are displaced Americans, and many more will come.

Congregations may need to open their buildings for temporary housing.

The School District of Lancaster employs a coordinator for families in transition. Her name is Jasmyne King-Smith. Reach her at If you, your congregation or other organizations want to discuss how you can help, please contact her.

Jerry Lee Miller
Manheim Township


When will Costello, Meehan and Smucker start serving the people of Chester County?
It’s time to take politics out of the Russian Investigation- Call your Congressman today
and demand an Independent Investigation into the ties between Trump and the Russian

Costello – 6th District – 610-696-2985
Meehan – 7th District – 610-690-7323
Smucker – 16th District – 717-393-0667

5/12/17                             NEW NEW
NY Times
How Every Lawmaker Has Reacted to Comey’s Firing So Far
About 40 Republican lawmakers have questioned or asked for more details about President Trump’s decision to fire James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director. Most members of the party either supported Mr. Trump or avoided the issue, with two-thirds of House Republicans not commenting.

Virtually every Democrat has called for a special prosecutor or independent investigation to examine the ties between Trump’s associates and the Russian government. Read list here


April 20, 2017
Call your state senator today and ask him/her to co-sponsor SB 22 to stop gerrymandering.
Read Senator Boscola’s anti-gerrymandering bill – SB22 here
It’s time to take politics out of your redistricting. If enough pressure is put on our Senators
it can happen. They are our employees!

April 18, 2017

Pennsylvania anti-gerrymandering bill gaining traction
In just a few years, voting districts will be redrawn across the country, and there’s a bipartisan push trickling down to the Lehigh Valley to do away with “gerrymandering.”
Every 10 years, voting lines are redrawn with the census.
Gerrymandering refers to manipulating voting district lines to benefit a party. It’s named after Eldridge Gerry, a former vice president and Massachusetts governor in the early 1800’s.
In Pennsylvania, the political party in charge draws the lines.
With the lines set to be drawn again in 2020, there is a growing movement to change how the districts are divided.
Frederick “Fritz” Walker is with Fair Districts PA, a non-partisan group formed under the League of Women Voters with the goal of changing how voting lines are drawn. Read more


Hello everyone!

Fair Districts PA is holding a Lobby Day on May 9. This is not a demonstration, but rather a personal visit to your legislators’ Harrisburg office to ask for their support of an impartial, transparent redistricting process as outlined in SB 22. Constituents will be coming from all across the state to participate.

The Lobby Day event is being planned around a press conference being called by the sponsors of SB 22. The current schedule is:

10:30 AM – Fair Districts PA members gather at the rotunda steps

11:00 AM – Press Conference Begins

12:00 PM – Fair Districts PA Lunch Break (if possible – details being arranged)

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM – Fair Districts PA members meeting with legislators

If you are available to visit your local legislator in their Harrisburg office on the afternoon of May 9th, please fill out this form:

We’ll use the information you send us to connect you with other volunteers in your area. We’re asking folks to attend in small groups, no more than 5 constituents per legislator. We’ll ask you to make a group appointment with your legislator and arrange a carpool – but we’re happy to provide guidance if you need it!

If you can’t make the trip to Harrisburg but you’d still like to participate, please tell us via the same form:

Just like the Harrisburg visits, we’ll use the information to connect you with other volunteers in your district and ask you to schedule a group appointment with staffers at your local district office. Ideally small groups will meet with staffers at district offices on the same day that groups are meeting in Harrisburg. We are trying to let our legislators know in a big way, that we want them to support  SB 22. We aren’t asking you to debate the points of the bill, but to ask your legislator to support our guiding principles. Training for legislative visits and more information will be available ahead of time.

Thank you for your support. Chester County is leading the state in working towards reform!

Jan Johnson, Legislative Advocacy

Kate Young, Chester County Lead

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