Track PA Bills & Follow the Money Trail

The PA House pays an annual salary of $86,479 to its State Reps.

The benefits are not accessible online.

We highly recommend you look at this tool – Legiscan.

It’s free and will allow you to track bills (in every state), see their sponsors, votes and much more. It also has a feature that allows you to Follow the Money. That will show you where your legislator gets his/her campaign contributions by category.

How to start:

  1. Go to
  2. Read about the site and service they provide for free
  3. Choose Pennsylvania
  4. Go to Search and put your bill number in then Search
  5. You’ll see tabs for Summary/Sponsors/Texts/Votes/Research/Comments
  6. Remember the Senate & House have different bill numbers.
  7. This will give you the information  you are looking for in most cases.

Here’s an example. HB 77 is the bill that bans abortion at 20 weeks as well as requires a woman’s husband’s signature to allow it. The bill begins on line 23 (a) Spousal notice. Line 24  “In order to further the Commonwealth’s interest in promoting the integrity of the marital relationship..” See the complete bill here.

You will see that four Chester County State Reps sponsored this bill –  Rep. Roe, Rep. Barrar, Rep. Lawrence and Rep. Hennessey.

Now, go to the Sponsors tab of Legiscan here. This lists all the sponsors and to the right you will see Follow The Money and that’s where you see where their contributions come from.  It’s very interesting.

Read below and check out this very informative site. Get involved in your government and start today.

Welcome to LegiScan

About Us

LegiScan launched to support the release of the national LegiScan data service, providing the nation’s first impartial real-time legislative tracking service designed for both public citizens and government affairs professionals across all sectors in organizations large and small. Utilizing the LegiScan API, having over 10 years of development maturity, allows us to provide monitoring of every bill in the 50 states and Congress. Giving our users and clients a central and uniform interface with the ability to easily track a wide array of legislative information. Paired with one of the country’s most powerful national full bill text legislative search engines.

Learn more about Legiscan here.

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