Greg McCauley (R)

October 15, 2018
Duane Milne & Greg McCauley – Hear Their Shocking Extremist Right Wing Views

Duane Milne & Greg McCauley – Hear Their Shocking Extremist Right Wing Views

Recently, Brita Von Rossum, a Democrat and resident of East Whiteland Township, attended a Republican campaign event in Malvern for Greg McCauley and Duane Milne. Greg McCauley is running against Chrissy Houlahan to be our representative in the US House of Representatives. Duane Milne is running against Christine Howard to be our representative in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Here Brita’s report of the event:
I went to the Greg McCauley campaign event at Malvern Borough. The event drew maybe 100 people or less.

There were a lot of people from the Republican organization there. Several of them seemed curious about who I was. One wanted to know how I had come to hear of the meeting. I told him about seeing the flyer at the library.

There was a lot of talk from both them and the audience about how Republicans have been running Chester County forever and have made it such a great place to live. People are moving in from Delaware County and Philadelphia because of the great quality of life in Chester County. But they are bringing their “radical values with them and threatening to mess up Chester County“. “In 30 days there will be a moment in time that could change Chester County history and we have to keep Republicans in power.”

It was definitely an event aimed at enthusing hard core conservatives. They just assumed that everyone there was a Trump supporter. I really should have brought a tape recorder to record it.

Some points from Duane Milne’s talk and Q&A session:
1) “We have to build a red wall. We have got to show the democrats that the 2017 election was a fluke, otherwise they will get more enthused and more powerful‘. Milne also repeated the lines about people moving to Chester County from the city and bringing their stupid ideas with them to mess up Chester County.
2) He opposes early voting. After the election he immediately wants to push voter ID laws so that everyone has to show ID every time they vote. He says “The democrats continue to make it possible for people who should not be allowed to vote to vote“. Says he was amazed at how many negative phone calls he got after voting YES on the voter ID law. Says he knows there is illegal voting – “especially in Philadelphia“. He didn’t give any examples or specifics.
3) “It is an abomination that Hilary Clinton is not in prison” in response to a question about the importance of demonstrating that the rule of law applies to everyone.
4) In response to a man talking about gender and feeling in the minority in a crowd of women. “You are either one or the other in my view” It sounds to me like he doesn’t approve of transgender individuals.
5) “In government, having the majority is everything, that is why we have to keep the Republican majority.” He also said “I hope there are no journalists here” and “It is OK it is just us” to encourage someone who might say something politically incorrect.
6) The issue that he thinks is most effective with women voters is education. He tells them that 1/3 of the total state budget goes towards education. He says they are amazed and don’t want to believe him until he shows them a pie chart on his website.
7) He says he is surprised and somewhat humbled by how competitive his race is.

Some points from Greg McCauley’s talk and Q&A session:
1) We have to balance the budget.
2) “We have 22 million illegal immigrants in this country. Most of them aren’t working for $20 an hour… Others are here on H1B visas working for banks and tech companies making hundreds of thousands a year but they don’t want to pay their taxes. That is when they came to me for help avoiding paying their taxes.”
3) “We should allow these workers to come here but we need to charge them for their visas and also make them pay taxes. This will generate 50 billion in tax revenue that we can use to fund social security and medicare.”
4) “We need to save money by cutting duplicate governmental departments like education and environmental protection.”
5) We have to cut pensions and make it easier to fire government workers.
6) “Trump is doing a great job already. Just wait until you see what he can do once he has allies in Congress.”
7) “Next summer you will see incredible growth due to the tax cuts. The one mistake Steve Mnuchin made is that he didn’t make the tax cuts retroactive.”
8) Some one asked when we will have a national concealed carry reciprocity law. McCauley replied that he was all in favor of this and said “it is ridiculous that a jeweler carrying a gun in PA and driving into New Jersey has to stop, disassemble his gun and put it in the trunk. I guess they will just wait to rob him until he is in New Jersey.”
9) He says he is concerned about student debt. He has heard of so many young people who say they cannot afford to have children. He wants to bring student loan rates way down – “to treasury rates“.
10) McCauley talked about how he grew up in Wynnewood and saw the same thing happen there – people moving from the city, bringing their politics with them and messing the place up. “Look at how Lower Merion is now Democrat controlled“.

I asked him a question about how he would protect American with pre-existing conditions so that they were able to buy insurance that would cover their pre-existing condition. He replied with a sob-story about a woman who’s daughter got sick, lost her job and employer based insurance and now can’t get insurance, I asked what specifically he would do. He replied “I will that support legislation to protect people with pre-existing conditions“.

I told him that of the 10 hottest summers ever, 8 have occurred in the last eleven years. I asked him why he thought that was and if he thought we should do anything about it. He seemed genuinely baffled and said he wasn’t an expert on environmental issues. He believes that humans have an impact on the earth but doesn’t know much about the issue. Told me we should recycle more and asked me what I thought we should do!

I don’t know how much of this is helpful to us, but it was interesting to see how Milne and McCauley talk when they think they are among friends. Definitely not distancing themselves from Trump.  Source

May 20, 2018
Daily Local News
McCauley draws fire after securing Republican nomination in 6th District

Republican nomination in 6th District
Greg McCauley

Democrat nomination in 6th District
Chrissy Houlahan

Voters in Chester County might be excused if they see Gregory Michael McCauley as the unexpected candidate for the county’s newly created 6th Congressional District.

In January, when he started a long-shot campaign to get his name listed on the ballot, he was running mostly as a protest candidate against the Republican incumbent that he saw as too moderate for his views on fiscal and domestic policy, Patrick Meehan.

But then Meehan became embroiled in a sex scandal that led first to his announcement that he would not seek re-election and eventually to his resignation from his 7th Congressional District seat. Then, the state Supreme Court upended Pennsylvania politics by redrawing the congressional map to end what it saw as gerrymanderism, and placed all of Chester County, including McCauley’s home in Kennett, in the 6th District.

McCauley decided to run against the incumbent he saw as too “liberal,” U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello of West Goshen, only to learn in late March that Costello had had his fill of the Washington political environment and the “corrupt” decision he contended had led to the new district map and decided to join the line of GOP congressmen headed for the exit doors.

On Tuesday, McCauley, a tax attorney and small business owner who had never sought elective office prior to 2018, was nominated to represent the Republican Party in November’s General Election. He will face a well-known, well-funded Democratic opponent, businesswoman Chrissy Houlahan, who had been preparing a run against Costello for more than a year.

“I think everything went well, considering I’ve only been in the race for six weeks,” the genial McCauley said last week. “I think it went great. I know I have a lo of work to do but I am going to continue to do what I have been doing. I’ve knocked on over 7,000 doors (to get his name on the primary ballot), and I am not afraid of hard work.

“I don’t think the election results were bad for me at all. I am way behind, but I fully anticipated that,” he declared. “I am very realistic. I’m not a professional candidate, and I don’t have a professional team behind me. I am doing to best I can, and learning what the expectations are for a successful candidate.”

But if he thought he would have a chance to catch his breath after the whirlwind that brought him to where he is today, McCauley would be mistaken. On Tuesday, less than two hours after polls in the state closed, the first attack was leveled at McCauley by the national Democratic Party.

“The Case Against Greg McCauley,” read the subject line of the email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee then landed in reporters’ inboxes at 9:30 p.m. The email included a ringing endorsement of Houlahan by DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján, and a full-throated broadside on McCauley’s candidacy as out of touch with the majority of voters in the wealthy, educated, suburban district.

“A virtual unknown, McCauley has raised very little money and does not have a professional campaign operation,” the email read. “His candidacy so concerned local Republicans that they considered running a write-in candidate to defeat him. Even worse for Republicans, the far-right McCauley only entered the race because Costello was too moderate, saying he was motivated to challenge Costello because of his vote against the Republican health care repeal bill.”

The Democrats attacked McCauley as being anti-women, anti-health care, and pro-tax cut for the rich.

“McCauley will have to explain to voters why 83 percent of the tax cuts go to the wealthiest one percent, why big corporations deserve larger tax cuts than middle-class families, why companies that have announced nearly $400 billion in stock buybacks are simultaneously laying off workers, and why (Republicans) voted to blow a $1.9 trillion hole in the deficit,” the DCCC stated. “Speaker Ryan may be retiring, but not before making a clear, problematic declaration that Republicans like McCauley will have to address: the Republicans intend to use the deficit hole to slash Medicare and Social Security.”

McCauley, told of the attacks, said he would not back down for his insistence on conservative fiscal policies and the need for the country to tighten its belt economically.

“I think the tax bill was a great start, but there is a lot more work to be done. (America) needs to cinch its belt, and do more with less,” he said, referring to the tax reform bill championed by President Trump and the GOP leadership that Democrats see as a giveaway to the rich and powerful.

“There are lots of ways to do that, and every voter I have spoken with, small business owners especially, say that is what they do every day,” he continued, speaking of an austerity plan. “There are going to be tough decisions but this is about time someone starts to address the deficit, immigration, and debt. If we do I think we can bring back the American dream.”

Of the budget that was eventually passed by the GOP leadership following the tax reform bill that reportedly adds trillions to the national debt, McCauley was less than enthusiastic. “I don’t think I would have been a part of it. I don’t think we should be running up trillions of dollars in debt that our grandchildren will not be able to pay. No one should want to kick the can down the road anymore.”

McCauley was nominated to represent the GOP in the General Election this November, as he won the Republican Primary with 26,416 votes in Chester County, 98 percent of the total of ballots cast by registered Republicans. There were 316 write-in votes, and 2,331 GOP voters did not bother to cast a ballot in the 6th District election. By contrast, Houlahan was nominated with 99 percent of the vote by Democrats, with 29,344 votes. Only 143 write-in votes were recorded, and only 1,312 party voters ignored the seat.

Overall, Democratic voters outpaced their GOP counterparts at the polls, turning out with 22 percent of registered voters as compared with 19 percent of Republicans.

In Berks County, a portion of which is in the 6th District, McCauley garnered 5,799 votes to Houlahan’s 6,026.

On Thursday, his name was added to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “On the Radar” list for its “Young Guns” program. The committee said he had “met specific goals that ensure his campaign will be able to operate effectively leading up to the General Election in November.”

“I am honored and excited to be inducted into the program,” he said of the announcement. “We have worked hard to make it to this point but we are far from done. I am the best candidate to represent Pennsylvania’s 6th District in the U.S. House of Representatives because I understand local priorities which include supporting an environment in Washington that incubates thriving local economies in areas like Chester and Berks counties.”  Source

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