Merkel hammers Trump as Ivanka looks on

Trump Press Conference Cold Open - SNL

Trump Declares A National Emergency, Then Says He Didn't Need To Declare It

Natl Emergency, where's the money coming from, Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele “At the end of the day, this is something Republicans will rue,”

Nancy Pelosi responds to Trump’s plan to declare national emergency

Game Changer - OC on Campaign Finance currently legal

President Donald Trump Seems To Borrow Clinton's 'Stronger Together'

Trump Mocks Beto with Sheriff Bunny by his side

Trump slams O'Rourke at El Paso Rally

Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke leads rally against wall

With Jeff Bezos, Has The Enquirer Messed With The Wrong Guy?

June 30, 2017 - Morning Joe Details Events Of National Enquirer Story

Matt Gaetz Gets DESTROYED During Hearing, Then Lashes Out At Parkland Survivors

Democrats kept throwing shade at Trump during the State of the Union

The Truth Bomb Has Been Detonated

Trump says he doesn't "have to agree" with intelligence chiefs on threats

Foxconn May Not Build $10B Wisconsin Plant President Donald Trump Touted

Trump slams US intelligence chiefs as naive and wrong

Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on Global Threats January 29, 2019

Why have so many Trump advisers lied to investigators?

Republicans Slow To Staff Key Committee, Slowing Robert Mueller Help

Wilbur Ross 'Doesn't Understand' Why Furloughed Workers Need Food Banks

Native American mocked by 'MAGA' hat-wearing teens speaks out

Pelosi: Trump outing our trip made things more dangerous

Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer Defend President Donald Trump State Of The Union Delay

MSNBC Anchor Suggests Lindsey Graham Being Blackmailed by Trump Over ‘Extreme’ Secret

The Realities Of Trump's Trade War

TRUMP 50's Western TV Episode REALLY Amazing BUILDING a WALL and ALL prophecy

January 9, 2019              

Trump Just Wants To Be On Primetime TV

Nancy Pelosi Talks The Weight Of President Trump’s Words At MSNBC Town Hall

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